Who am I?

My Name is Florentin Haunold

I'm a commercial Photographer, Video Producer & Founder of Roast-Media. If you want to see more of our video & film productions please check our website www.roast-media.com or click the Button below.


Every picture tells a story.

And I would love to tell your’s too.

People love Videos.

Don’t we all do so?


This is what I stand for.


I don’t take it for granted to do call my passion my job. I am extremely proud to work with amazing clients that have the same work ethics. I strive to cooperate with people, companies & brands that are as passionate about their business or project.


In my visual language I like to portrait emotions in it’s natural form & a raw feeling. That’s why I enjoy to shoot in real life scenarios. As a passionate outdoor athlete myself I love to be out „in the field“ and capture real moments.


It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, wet, hot, stormy or physically exhausting. When things get challenging I strive. This is what I like to do. In my professional career as well as in private adventures, where I bring my always camera too.

What I am doing when I am not out there working on projects for clients? Probably shooting images too. Feel free to connect via Social Media.

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